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What defines a hotspot for digital nomads?

Digital nomads usually work as freelancers for companies and clients or have their own company that they can run online. The minimum requirement is a reasonably stable and fast Internet connection. But there are damn many places with good Internet. So that can't be the only criteria. For your own workflow, productivity and creativity, it is best to be able to settle at least for several months at a time in one place where you can develop some everyday life and which helps you to focus.


This is undoubtedly the most important criteria for digital nomads when choosing a location. Without the Internet, it's hard to be a digital nomad and earn money on the move. Depending on what you earn your money with as a digital nomad, you will need Internet at different speeds. The programmer or web designer sometimes needs a better Internet connection than a translator or copywriter. Slow Internet annoys almost everyone and is therefore one of the most important criteria to feel good and relax.

Digital Nomads in Malta

As a digital nomad, the world is your oyster. You have the freedom to work from any location that has an internet connection. However, not all destinations are created equal when it comes to remote work. You need a location that offers a comfortable living space, a reliable internet connection, and an inspiring environment to keep you motivated. Malta checks all the boxes and is quickly becoming a hotspot for digital nomads. Do you consider becoming a Digital Nomad in Malta? Then let us guide you along the way and show you what you need!

Digital Nomad in Malta Guide

Distance and accommodation

How quickly can you get to work in the morning? Nobody wants to waste precious time getting stuck in traffic or spending hours in the crowded subway. In small towns, this problem is not a factor. There the question is rather how fast and inexpensive one can reach the next bigger city. Also the accommodation situation is very important: Are there nice accommodations that can be rented at affordable prices for a longer period of time? And how difficult or easy is it to find one as a foreigner?

A productive environment

In addition to the Internet and accommodation, a productive working environment is extremely important for digital nomads. This includes, for example, a community of like-minded people and a good infrastructure. In particular, however, this also includes pleasant places to work, such as various hot desks, dedicated offices or a restaurant with good food, since those who work must also eat. If you want to participate regularly in social events, customer meetings, workshops and similar, there must be the appropriate premises and of course someone who organizes the whole thing and feels responsible.

Community of like-minded people

You don't choose a coworking/coliving environment to sit alone in front of your laptop all day long. You can usually do that at home. Many early digital nomads have had the experience of being the only digital nomad at a backpacker hotspot. If everyone else is sleeping until noon and then partying late at night or on great trips, then this is a real productivity killer. A community of fellow enthusiasts, on the other hand, provides the motivation and inspiration to really help you. Working together is not only more fun, it also makes you more productive, creative and successful. That doesn't mean that you should never have fun :-)

A wide range of leisure activities

We don't want to forget the work-life balance! Life must not only consist of work. Many even dream of a four-hour working week and the most stable possible passive income. But what do you do with all your free time? So that you don't fall into a deep hole of boredom, there should be an abundant, varied and exciting range of leisure activities available. Many digital nomads love water sports, for example - surfing, kiting and diving are only the most popular sports.

Language and Culture

Usually an underestimated factor but an important criterium that cannot be ignored. For some it is also the decisive factor. You should choose a country where you can communicate and understand the language, you can use the stay to develop your language skills. In principle you should be interested in the culture of a country if you want to stay there for several months. You must also be able to cope and adapt to the manners and cultural idiosyncrasies there.


Of course, the weather is also a big factor when choosing a suitable place to stay. After all, you finally decide on the weather yourself and don't have to accept the circumstances - at least to a certain degree. Also the question about the climate is very subjective again. Some people only feel comfortable in the shade at a constant 28 degrees, others don't tolerate permanent 25 degrees at all. That's why in summer they are most likely to be in the digital nomad strongholds in Europe, such as Malta, Barcelona or Florence. In winter, they are most likely to be found in Southeast Asia or Latin America, such as Playa del Carmen.

Cost of living

The cost of living is one of the most important criteria, especially for nomadic newcomers. This is hardly surprising, as it is not always so easy to earn money as a digital nomad, as it seems to some people. Especially the first few months can be hard. Then of course it helps enormously to live in a country where the cost of living is not quite so high, so that you can get by with less money at first, while working slowly but surely on a higher income. Of course, it also helps to find a lively local community that can give you some useful tips.

Security and safety

Last but not least, the topic of security is not unimportant either, although it is of varying importance for every digital nomad. An environment in which you feel safe and secure certainly helps you to relax and concentrate on the most important things. Digital nomads are usually experienced travelers, so they know how to behave on the spot to minimize the risk.