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Terms and conditions

1.Enrolment: Fill in the registration form, scan it and send it to or alternatively use our online booking system. A minimum deposit of 20% of the total amount is due at the time of registration. With your application you commit yourself to the services requested and booking conditions. After having received the application and deposit we will send the confirmation of enrolment and the invoice. The welcome pack with extra information and the address of your accommodation will be sent after you have settled the remaining balance. The invoice must be paid in full four weeks before arrival. Short notice bookings, i.e. bookings made within 4 weeks of travel, will need to pay the entire amount immediately after receiving their invoice.

2.Change of booking: Any change (e.g. arrival date, accommodation, etc.) up to 28 days before departure we will incur a charge of €55. Afterwards we will do our utmost, but cannot guarantee the fulfilment of the request made since extra costs may be incurred. In such a case, the rebooking charge may exceed €55.

3.Cancellation: In the case of cancellation, we will charge the following fees:

  • Up to 16 days prior to start date: 10% of total fees, max. €250
  • Between 3 and 15 days prior to start date: 50% of total fees, max. €500
  • 2 days prior to start date: 90% the total fees, max. €1000
  • 1 day prior to start date or after: 100% of total fees, max. €1200

A cancellation insurance is available at 2% of the total amount (minimum €55). The insurance fee must be settled at the time of registration and will only apply if you cancel prior to departure due to health reasons (a written confirmation from the relevant doctor is required as proof). In the unlikely event that the school is not able to create a group course due to an insufficient number of students at the same level, smaller classes for a reduced number of lessons will be provided instead (standard=12 lessons / intensive=18 lessons, i.e. standard course + 3 one-to-one lessons). The minimum number of participants is 4. Under the rare circumstances of our being forced to cancel your course, all fees paid to Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS will be refunded.

4.Visa: In order to provide the letter of acceptance required by the embassy for issuing a visa, 40% of the total amount should be paid together with an additional, non-refundable charge of €50; non-refundable shipping fees may apply. In the case of visa refusal, a full refund minus the additional, non-refundable fees can only be made if the student provides the letter of refusal issued by the embassy at least 15 days before departure (evidence of visa refusal is required). After this date we will consider the participation of the student as confirmed and normal cancellation/rebooking charges will apply. In case that the visa has not yet been issued 15 days before departure, we strongly recommend postponing the course. In this case, the first rebooking fee will not be charged.

5.Acceptable forms of payment: By bank transfer: The relevant account number will be on the invoice. Please send us a copy of the transfer order. All bank charges will be incurred by you. By credit card: Upon your notification, the appropriate form will be sent. It will need to be completed with the name of the credit card issuer, card number, expiry date and signature. An additional 2% credit card fee will be charged.

6.Insurance: Neither agent, operator, nor the school will be held responsible in any way for any accident, illness, loss of personal effects or change in personal circumstances arising at any time prior to or during the course. We therefore strongly recommend taking out travel insurance (including health, accident, liability and deportation).

7.Liability: Parents of minors agree that neither Sprachcaffe Languages Plus nor the homestay shall be liable for damage or problems caused either negligently or intentionally by their children while participating in trips. Parents and their children who are still minors recognise and accept the laws and the normal code of conduct of the country which they are visiting.

8.Rights to image and film material: By agreeing to our general terms and conditions you are accepting that Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS has the right to use any photos, video and sound recordings which may be produced in the course of a language programme. These materials may be used by us for promotional purposes without cost implication or the need for a separate authorisation from you.

9.Disclaimer: While all information is accurate at the time of publication, the content may be subject to updates. We reserve the right to refuse admission or to dismiss any student from school/accommodation without any refund in the event of misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance. The school expects students to adhere to the rules set.

Errors and changes are reserved.

Place and court of jurisdiction is in Valletta/Malta.

Local Offices:

Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS
6, Alamein Road,
Pembroke PBK 1776
Tel.: +35621373574
Fax: +35621373577